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Once you have decided to move to Japan, there are a lot of things you will have to organize and many questions will certainly come up. At Global Networks we are dedicated to answer your questions and to help you to arrange your stay in the Land of the Rising Sun. If you are considering studying in Japan, we can provide you with information and advice about universities and suggest recommendable Japanese language schools.

If you are looking for a job, we can help you navigate the Japanese job market and advise you about the best options to find work depending on your skills and qualifications.  

Above all, we can help you with the biggest challenge for anyone coming to live in Japan: finding a place to stay. We offer you temporary accommodation and support you in finding permanent housing.


Temporary accommodation and pick-up service

Booking one of our temporary accommodations is the easiest way to find an affordable and comfortable place to stay in Japan without having to worry about bureaucracy or utilities. You can either book a private room in a shared house or an entire furnished apartment. (See our options)

If you are new to Japan, it can be difficult or stressful to move in the city after a long flight. That is why we can pick you up from your airport of arrival, shuttle bus stop or hotel and bring you to the accommodation, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

In that case, our Service Package might be the right choice for you:

Basic plan: Pick-up service from place of your choice plus 7 days of accommodation.

 Shared House

* Basic Plan 30,000 yen.

* 4,000 yen for each additional day.

* If you stay less than a week, you will receive a reimbursement of 2,000 yen for each night less than 7.

* 60,000 yen per month.


 Fully furnished 2-Bedroom Apartment

* Basic plan 50,000 yen

* 7,000 yen for each additional day

* 120,000 yen per month

For both shared houses and apartments, the rent includes utility charges (gas, electricity, water, internet) as well as some basic home supplies.

Pick-up from Narita airport or remote areas will be charged extra.


Find your long term accommodation

If you are looking for a permanent accommodation, we will help you to find the place best suited to your needs and preferences. Our staff will definitely find the right accommodation for you from our vast housing database. In addition, we also have access to further real estate listings available for foreigners.

Since the renting process is quite complicated in Japan (see Advantages), our bilingual staff will take care of you and help to overcome any language barriers in dealing with and getting through the tedious procedures of real estate.


In order to rent an apartment you will need a Japanese guarantor. However, for most foreigners it is very difficult to find a guarantor. That is why we can serve as your guarantor or arrange one for you.

Basic guarantor: We will serve as a guarantor of your housing rental. The fee for this service is 50% of one month’s rent.

Additional guarantee 1: In addition, we can also guarantee restoration costs when you move out. The fee for this service is 15% of one month’s rent.

Additional guarantee 2: We can guarantee the renewal fee of your rental contract. The fee for this service is 10% of one month’s rent.

If you rent one of our shared houses or apartments, you can bypass the above mentioned procedures.

In any case, we will help you with all the necessary information prior to and during the process of entering a rental contract and we will always stand up for you.

As a common procedure, before you sign a lease, the owner of the apartment needs to check your credit report to prove that you can pay the rent and the additional charges (key money, deposit, etc.). Furthermore, a proof of employment of both you and your guarantor is also needed. For more details about the requirements for renting an accommodation in Japan, please refer to the section Advantages

 Miscellaneous services

We can provide you with helpful information and assistance regarding all aspects of your stay in Japan. Given that searching for a job might be a challenging task and a tedious process, we can point out job opportunities for foreigners and help you with your application.

In addition, we can be of your assistance in further affairs such as setting up your electricity, gas, water and internet accounts. We’ll gladly answer any questions about life in Japan such as explaining to you the rather complicated rules about separating and disposing of recyclable resources and garbage.

We will also provide support and advice with any other issue regarding housing you may encounter (e.g. what to do if your washer breaks down, renovation, etc.)