Housing in Japan by GlobalNetworks Inc.

GlobalNetworks provides support and service to foreigners searching for affordable housing in Japan. Whether you are planning to visit Japan as a tourist or you intend to work or study in the Land of the Rising Sun, finding the right accommodation is crucial to making your stay as comfortable as possible. However, finding affordable housing in Japan as a foreigner can be a tough challenge (see Advantages). That is why Global Networks is here to help you every step of the way.


What we offer


Are you considering studying in Japan? Do you want to find a job and work in this exciting country? In that case, we can provide you with useful information about universities, Japanese language schools and job opportunities for foreigners. We can give you advice and help you with your applications. 

 Temporary accommodation and pick-up service

If you are planning to stay in Japan for a limited time, we can provide you with a temporary accommodation so that you don’t have to miss the comfort of having your own home equipped with all amenities. You can choose between staying in a shared house or in a furnished apartment.

If you are coming to Japan for a longer period, you might want to stay in one of our temporary accommodations at first, so that you can then look for a long term apartment while already in Japan.

When you arrive, we can pick you up from the airport or from a shuttle bus stop or hotel and bring you to the temporary accommodation.

Find your long term accommodation

We will help you to find a long term accommodation while you stay with us. Thanks to our vast housing database and our contacts in the real estate market, we will certainly find the right apartment for you. Our bilingual staff takes care of you and helps to overcome your language barriers in dealing with and getting through the complicated procedures of real estate.


In Japan you cannot rent an apartment without having a guarantor. However, it is usually very difficult for foreigners to provide a Japanese guarantor.  We can help you by serving as your guarantor or arranging one for you. 

Miscellaneous services

We can provide you with helpful information and assistance regarding all aspects of your stay in Japan. Given that searching for a job might be a challenging task and a tedious process, we can point out job opportunities for foreigners and help you with your application.

In addition, we can be of your assistance in further affairs such as setting up your electricity, gas, water and internet accounts. We’ll gladly answer any questions about life in Japan such as explaining to you the rather complicated rules about separating and disposing of recyclable resources and garbage.

We will also provide support and advice with any other issue regarding housing you may encounter (e.g. what to do if your washer breaks down, renovation, etc.).